Monday 27 August 2007

some sewing...

preparations for another 'grab ball', one segment done, 11 to go... i made the template using a small plate to get the curve right, of course a compass would work too. this site has a good tutorial on how to make one of these:

the finished product... this one's for my next door neighbour's daughter. i used 6 different fabrics, mostly in shades of red, white and chocolate brown. i think the amount of colours and patterns is a bit too much, but i believe babies like contrasts and different patterns. i know my nephew was mad for patterns for a while! i handsewed this in the evenings. it's only lightly stuffed as it is for tiny hands. i made one before which i mostly machine sewed, it looks a bit more even but it was quite annoying work sewing all the tiny pieces by machine, very fiddly, especially at the corners!

and here the first of 6 chair seat coverings. the old ones are really manky, we only bought the chairs and table because they were on special offer, and slender enough to look right in our small dining area. i always meant to replace or cover the impractical, not removable beige check seats (i now, horrid, you can just about see one in the 2nd photo) but were in the house 2 years and i am only getting to it now... i am not going to take pictures of the stained original cushions!

i traced around the existing seat cushion to make a pattern, then cut 3" wide strips, one to go around the sides and front, the other to go at the back, leaving gaps for the back support 'beams'(whats the word for them??), around which the overhanging ends of the strips tie. i 'hemmed' all along the bottom edge and around the ties, then i folded the ties in half lengthwise (at an angle) to make the them a little thinner, and also so i wouldnt need to line them.
i seem to have a little bit too much material at the back. i might add little bits of elastic at the corners, depending on how well the covers stay on. or maybe some kind of draw string?
the fabric is heather bailey fresh cut. i love how the greens make the light wood seem so much more alive! i definitely want to get rid of the awful yellow walls, itll either be white, or magnolia or some kind of green (or a combination thereof for the kitchen/dining area!
and yes, i really should learn how to take proper photographs, but i'm just too impatient and wanted to show this as soon as i can!
I made the first on sunday night, and i got the other 5 cut and ready to sew tonight, i might do one every night, we'll see.
I've had the idea for these in my head for ages, i wanted something that would completely cover the original upholstery, something that wouldn't just lie on top but surround the cushion, and something that i could easily take off and throw in the wash. i have some fabric left over and might make a table runner or do plain curtains with an edge in the green fabric. hm or that great apron from lotta jansdotters book