Wednesday 28 March 2007


my ripple scarve is finished!

well... it's not blocked yet, and actually, it is a bit short and i am quite tempted to unravel and start again... but still, my first finished crochet project in the last 8 years or so! (the last one was a coin purse made from parcel string, lined with a scrap of checked cotton, i was a student on work experience in ireland at the time and had a sunday with no plans and a little bit of homesickness)

here a link to the the ripple along blog

i still have two balls of the cashmerinosilk and one merino, in a sage green, plus half a ball of the fuchsia merino. maybe i'll start another one and make it longer this time.? I only got 8 rows out of the grey at this length, so the next scarve would have to be narrower again... maybe somebody out there can tell me, the chain that you begin a crochet piece with, is there an equivalent (i.e. same width) for finishing? the two edges on the scarve aren't quite the same width because of the base chain.

and this is my first granny square (not counting the two that i unravelled)

i think i might keep going with this one for a little while longer, P's sister made a whole blanket out of one granny square! there are a few babies on the way amongst my friends and one might be a boy? maybe i should join the grannyalong?

apart from these, i made a veil, im not sure if i'll actually use it for my wedding but i needed to try it as the shops were charging at least 90€ for one! it was quite easy, i didnt finish the edge though, i don't know if i will and if i will i have no idea which type of edge will look best, i have to go home first (easter!) and see the dress again, cant wait!

i feel quite jetlagged, that one hour forward for daylight saving time threw me a little! my colleagues say their children are the same, i must be very immature for my 31 years! or maybe i just really dont like getting up early...

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