Monday 12 May 2008

a proper real tiny baby! for real!

moving around, scratching its head, clasping its hands!
it seemed so unreal but the ultrasound technician assured me, it's really mine, in my belly! i couldn't quite connect the two, the picture of a baby on the screen and that it really should be inside me, i can't feel anything yet! and there's no real bump either!
it's about 9 cm big now.
i also got assessed for the midwifery led unit and 'passed'! that doesn't neccessarily mean i will give birth there, but at least i've got the chance.
time to get organised for yoga classes, and 'gentle birth' classes, err, are there breastfeeding classes!?

PS should i be worried about the baby's big belly?? the ultrasound technician didn't seem worried, but she was very rushed and didn't have much time (a little disappointing seeing as this is my only official scan... if my GP didn't happen to have a machine it would be the only scan for the whole 9 months! but of course as a GP he's not fully equipped and trained to measure and spot problems, he does it just for a bit of reassurance that the baby's moving and its heart is beating)


Bitterbetty said...

oh... please don't worry. I think that if there was a cause for concern they would have at least ordered more ultrasounds. think happy thoughts.

and Sally says she loves you too.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Congratulations! So lovely to see a little baby in there.

KBG said...

Don't worry about the big belly - it all starts to look more normal the farther along you get. Just keep in mind that it looked like a tadpole not too long ago...

jothemama said...

P - duh, I never noticed you had a blog or I would have been here before, sorry!

Congratulations, the scans are so exciting! Don't worry a minute about anythiing unless they tell you to, it looks just like any other tiny teenie I've seen.

Amy said...

Congratulations, how exciting! I loved being pregnant, such a special time :)

Rechru said...

Hi there congratulations! The scan pictures are lovely.
I wanted to let you know that I only just replied to a question you asked on jothemama's blog ('undignified' 11th April). You were asking about relaxation during delivery and here is my answer. [Meant to say also that you seem to have the right attitude in this. Best of luck!]

Peitseoige I had no books or cds and had done no course but I decided a few weeks before the birth to try my own hypnotherapy as best I could. When I googled I came up with a guide on and used that - which sounds very like your relaxation course. I concentrated on constantly checking every part of my body from top to bottom - scalp, face, jaw, arms, fingers, etc - to make sure every bit of me was without tension and ensuring this with good, long deep breaths, the kind you suck in through your nose and down the back of your throat almost like a snore. I had no music, I did bring cds in the bag but I was so much zoned into the job at hand that if I'd had music I wouldn't have heard it anyway. Poor midwife had to ask me things twice, I was in my own world. My partner couldn't even touch me for fear of distracting me! But that was me and that was at the final stages especially. I came back to the real world with a bang the second my daughter was born and I was able to pick her up. I was on a total high for the next day and a half it was amazing! Ah I'm jealous of you having it all ahead!

Do you know I think the plastic sheet was protecting the fabric sheet and not even the mattress! I'm sure it did have a vinyl type cover. It was kind of shiny papery rather than plastic actually. It was only a small thing but as I was saying I had to have no distraction.