Wednesday 25 June 2008

my window sill at work

my colleague looked after my plants very well while i was on hol's! the windows in the office get quite a bit of sun in the morning, and are ideal for growing tomatoes and chilis. this year i have two tomato plants, one pepper plant and one courgette (which is in a very small pot but i think it wouldn't survive being transplanted now, in full bloom and fruit).

see the little baby courgettes?

and there's a flower

i've tied everything up with parcel string

the railing is handy, this tomato plant is supported by it all along the width of the window.

the first ripe tomato. i heard you have to keep one red tomato on the plant at all times then the other ripen faster! so as tempting as it is i won't pick this one just yet.

and these are the peppers, they are about the size of small plants. i don't know what size they'll eventually be, i got the seedling from another colleague, but i think they might be 'mini peppers'.

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