Sunday 15 April 2007

easter holidays

my first day off for my easter break was good friday, and i made some muensterlaender good friday pancakes, they are called 'Struwen' and are sometimes made with curd, but my mum's recipe called for flour, milk, eggs, raisins, sugar, salt and yeast, the batter is more like cake batter and is prepared an hour in advance, to give it a chance to rise. when you then drop spoonfuls of it into a pan with hot oil they rise like mad! im not so good at turning them, i burned myself with splatters of hot oil :-( but they were delicious and very filling none the less! i believe they used to be the only dinner you got on good friday, but we were never very strict on that one.

on saturday we flew to germany, for a few days with my parents and siblings, the airport was mental, we arrived at 5.05am and queued non stop till 6.45, when it was time to board! the crowds were like something from a desaster film.

I brought this little bag for my nephew, who can use it for his swimming gear or toys, not that he cares much as he has his mammy to carry it all around for him of course, he's not even 1!
and my mum got this one which i made earlier, for her knitting (socks) that she brings to her monthly knitting circle meetings

my mum had lots of easter decorations up, some very tasteful (aren't those chickens cute!?) , and others more sentimental, like this basket filled with eggs my siblings and i decorated when we were younger! i recognised some that i made, like one, done in felt tip, of the easter bunny, a chick in an egg shell, a flower and jesus complete with beard and white robes and coloured eggs, all on the same egg... you can really only see his beard in the picture, i still don't know why the camera doesn't focus on what i want it to focus at...

This one says happy easter in german, the flowers are supposed to be daffodils and it's scratched into a naturally brown egg shell, possibly using a stanley knife.

and these are very clever, some leaves from the garden are held in place by old tights while the egg soaks in the dye.

it was a great trip, it was so good to see everybody, and we got lots of wedding stuff sorted which puts my conscience at ease, and i brought back some corduroy for trousers for my nephew, and some checked fabrics, and some double point knitting needles and some merino wool, i haven't taken any pictures yet.

i spent friday treating our garden furniture, 4 foldable chairs (hell!) and a bench and a table, lookin' good now, the weather was brilliant, we could have had a barbequeue but P. was working from 6pm till 7am, so it didn't work out that way, but i went for dinner with friends in town, delicious french food and wine! i didn't make my bus and two of my friends stayed on till the first night bus, town is quite mental on a saturday night!

and lastly, a picture of one of my westfalien prints, i took it when i recently decided to prewash and iron all my fabrics, so that they won't shrink after i use them, i read it's a wise thing to do...

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