Monday 23 April 2007

last minute gifts

yesterday afternoon i got a short notice invite to my neighbour's baby shower the same day! good job i had some babygrows that i bought to embellish for my friend bridget, so i could make some last minute gifts. i attempted some freehand mashine appliquee, and wasn't too happy with the result, so i also did two freehand running stitch embroidered ones. the appliquee also got some oil from the sewing mashine on it so i had to wash it and iron it dry! in the end i decided to hand over all three, two apples and a pear.

1 comment:

lera said...

Those are VERY cute. I would say they definitely turned out well.

Did you use the Wonder Under for the appliques? That stuff works miracles. For the stitching around, I hand-stitched with embroidery floss. Just a running stitch. It seems to hold through washings.