Friday 3 October 2008

hyper with exhaustion!

what a week! i'm not even gonna make it to yoga tonight, still in work, waiting for CDs to burn... busy busy week! had meetings and gave training every day, in preparation of maternity leave, only 2 weeks left! and diary's filling up for next week, but i am looking forward to my antenatal appointment and 2 days off, so next week should be much easier. but still, so much to organise and sort and explain to my replacement!

getting really restless now, can't believe it's still a month to the due date and possibly another 2 weeks after that!! it's getting harder to walk, got some kind of pelvic girdle pain, and feeling bruised and battered from all the kicking. i won't even start talking about sleep...

i can't complain though, i've had it so so easy compared to so many of my friends! this is really the first week where i properly feel the discomfort and pain that comes with a pregnancy, most of my friends were much earlier with that.

looking forward to the weekend and some nesting and resting!!

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