Monday 27 October 2008

i made a bag

it's a simple oversized shopping bag, or maybe it'll be a laundry bag, for the hospital! the size was based on my (currently essential) wedge cushion, so i can bring it to the cinema or a restaurant with me, should we go once more before the baby comes! anybody out there that's pregnant, too, get a wedge cushion! so comfortable! it has an angle so your knees are lower than your hips, instant extra room for the bump! and your back will get less sore, too! mine's very firm, and 4" thick at the back, i got it from 'the back shop'. if you're good at cutting upholstery foam you could probably make your own! i have another one, from 'lidl', but it's not as angled and not as firm. i use that one in the car.

the fabrik is 100% cotton, from ikea, i added the tiny embroidered bird,
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jothemama said...

That's gorgeous! You want to get a few of those up on Etsy!